Moving of the GP practice in July 2022

Moving of the GP practice in July 2022


The “DUFAY HOUSE” Located at Dufaystraat 19, 1075 GS Amsterdam

At 12 minutes walking distance from our current location, 5 minutes cycling distance.

The renovation is reaching its final phase. In the completely new health center the general practitioners on the ground floor and on the first floor will continue their practices. The monumental building has an elevator and has been renovated CO2 neutral.

We plan to move in early July. In the first period we will still be somewhat in a renovation atmosphere. We are also switching to a new computer system and a different website, which is also more accessible to you. We ask for your understanding during maintenance and please only call the assistant for medical questions.

Information about our new practice and innovation will be shared with you on our current website as well as on the new future sites and (both under construction).
It will also be possible to request repeat prescriptions via these sites.

Care and well-being are of paramount importance and are inextricably linked. We strive for this together with other primary care providers such as physiotherapy, the pharmacy, child health clinic as well as the welfare organization Combiwel and the society Vondeldorp.

There will also be a meeting room with catering facilities and the old schoolyard will become a neighborhood garden with a terrace.
On the site of the Vrienden Dufay Huis, you can find pictures of the renovation.

We will keep you informed of the near future developments. This process, which started three and a half years ago, is now reaching its final phase.
We are happy and optimistic that we can continue to care for you at the new location together.



Stephen Terborg, Mays van Deutekom-Zakko and Emilie Olthof

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